You can really make a difference!

In order to maintain the help given to the widows and orphans in Afghanistan, Mahboba relies on volunteers. This is a wonderful opportunity to work with an inspirational woman and make a difference to the lives of the people she helps. Please read and complete our online application form where necessary and we can match your skills with a volunteer task and we will get in touch with you.

Help in the office

If you have good office skills in admin, marketing, fundraising, communications, graphic design or accounts, and can dedicate some time like 2 days a week to Mahboba's Promise for at least six months, we would love to hear from you. The office is located in North Ryde.

Our volunteers say:

"Hi! My name is Emma-Jalien. I’m a Social Work student from the Netherlands. I really wanted to do my internship at Mahboba’s Promise in Sydney. Now I can say that it was the best decision, I absolutely didn’t regret coming to Australia to do my internship here. I’m now working as a volunteer projects officer. I like to go to the office every single time. The people who are working at the office are such nice people, they make me feel so welcome. They really care about the people they work for and work with, they helped me out whenever I needed them. At Mahboba’s Promise they give me the opportunity to grow and to improve myself."

"Hi, I am Azadeh and I have been with Mahboba's Promise since late 2014. I am happy to put my office administration & bookkeeping skills into a good use. But later I found that what I can contribute in supporting Afghan children & women as well as the great people I see here are what really matters. I'm sure whoever get to know them better, will fall in love with this organisation and its mission."

"Hi, my name is Sukrita and I’m from India! I’ve studied planning and public policy on the local and international level. Working with Mahboba’s Promise has been a highly rewarding experience for me. It has showed me how much of a difference grassroots organisations can really make, and altered my view of what is possible on a global scale. More than ever, I believe that each of us is capable of initiating positive change in the face of adversity.

Each day at the office, I discover new inspiration, through the people as well as through the work. The organisation is full of people who find immense meaning and value in what they do; it makes for a stimulating environment. Every one of them has a quiet integrity that I find truly uplifting.

I’m grateful to have this opportunity to put my skills to use – I get so much more in return."

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I acknowledge that if I am accepted as a volunteer, I will read and review the Volunteer Code of Practice – attached to this form and I understand that the organisation is governed by the following documentation:

  1. ACFID Code of Conduct (Available at www.acfid.asn.au/code-of-conduct)
  2. The Constitution of Mahboba’s Promise
  3. The Policies of Mahboba’s Promise including Procedures, Codes of Conduct and Guidelines including the Occupational Health & Safety Policy if you are working in the office
  4. Volunteers working in the office and on the Board are required to sign the Code of Conduct for Australian Based Administrators and Volunteers

I confirm that the information given on this form is complete and accurate. I acknowledge that I am volunteering my time to work for Mahboba’s Promise Inc. I understand that I will not be covered by Workers’ Compensation Insurance. I understand that in the course of my work for Mahboba’s Promise I may learn or have access to:

  • Certain facts about persons served by the organization;
  • Information regarding the names and details of individuals and organizations who donate to Mahboba’s Promise which are of a confidential or personally sensitive nature;
  • Personal information concerning other volunteers with Mahboba’s Promise;
  • Confidential information belonging to Mahboba’s Promise including (but not limited to) business plans, financial information and databases relating to the activities of the organization,and
  • Intellectual property of the organisation which documentation or photographs cannot be copied or used without express permission.
I agree not to disclose any information of this nature to any person without the specific consent of Mahboba’s Promise, or the relevant organization or individual concerned. I confirm that I have read and reviewed the Volunteer Code of Practice and will abide by its principles.