Mahboba’s Promise is an Australian non-profit organisation that brings hope to orphans and widows in Afghanistan, ravaged by decades of war and conflict.

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Mahboba’s brother, Sidiq Rawi in his recent trip to Afghanistan was shocked to discover 25 orphan children, living in an abandoned orphanage, in a miserable condition. Mahboba decided to take this children under her wings. Help us help them!

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Orphaned children and widows of Afghanistan are hoping to receive your Qurban. This year your generosity can be the source of their joy. As the cost of Qurbani request is determined by the price of a sheep, the price is fixed at $100. Support us and donate your Qurban.

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Widows…struggle to raise the money necessary to provide their families with the nutritious food they require. Donate rice to improve the standard of living of a widow and her family in Afghanistan.

While I live and breathe I will work tirelessly to protect, heal and educate the women and children of Afghanistan.

Mahboba Rawi, Founder of Mahboba’s Promise.