Mahboba’s Promise is an Australian non-profit organisation that brings hope to orphans and widows in Afghanistan, ravaged by decades of war and conflict.

Qurban Website


Give a family the gift of nutrition this Qurban

Qurban is a significant time of the year that allows us to improve the nutritional intake of children in need, often providing families with nutritious meat who have been unable to afford it for several months or years.

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Sponsor A Girls' Education

The girl’s education provides school girls with school materials and support they need to attend school.


Saighan Water Well Appeal

3830 families out of 6000 are currently living without water

Over 90% of the people in Saighan are farmers and/or manage livestock, meaning they rely heavily on water for irrigation. If the water shortages continue to deteriorate, the province will suffer destructive economic and social consequences.

While I live and breathe I will work tirelessly to protect, heal and educate the women and children of Afghanistan.

Mahboba Rawi, Founder of Mahboba’s Promise.