“While I live and breathe I will work tirelessly to protect, heal and educate the women and children of Afghanistan.” - Mahboba Rawi, Founder of Mahboba’s Promise.

 What We Are

Mahboba’s Promise is an Australian non-profit organisation dedicated to the women and children of Afghanistan. Founded in 1998, Mahboba’s Promise began its mission by helping to care for Afghan refugees who had been forced into a refugee camp in Pakistan by a devastating earthquake in Takhar, Afghanistan.

Mahboba’s Promise’s ongoing projects have provided education and homes for children; vocational skills and training for women; and support and health care access for the wider community; and over 15 years later, still stands as a respected and effective organisation bringing valuable, sustainable change to the people of war-torn Afghanistan.

How can you help

  • Sponsor an Orphan
  • Sponsor Widow
  • Donate to a project
  • School’s Promise
  • Buy a well
  • General Donation
  • Get involved


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