Volunteer Stories

We have had a number of volunteers helping us however they can through the years. Here at Mahboba's Promise we aim at having a virtuous and long lasting professional relationships. Please read through some of our volunteer experiences.


"Hi, my name is Parth and I am an international student studying Sydney. I interned at Mahboba's Promise for almost 8 month. It was a great experience working here. I was responsible for website management but ended up contributing to various other areas such as event management, marketing etc. There was a diverse and learning environment at the office. I got the satisfaction of learning a lot relating to my studies while also getting to contribute  to such noble work. Mahboba's Promise is wonderful place to gain any form of professional experience. There is always a place to grow here.

I am very grateful for the time I spent here and the experience I had.


Hi! My name is Emma-Jalien. I’m a Social Work student from the Netherlands. I really wanted to do my internship at Mahboba’s Promise in Sydney. Now I can say that it was the best decision, I absolutely didn’t regret coming to Australia to do my internship here. I’m now working as a volunteer projects officer. I like to go to the office every single time. The people who are working at the office are such nice people, they make me feel so welcome. They really care about the people they work for and work with, they helped me out whenever I needed them. At Mahboba’s Promise they give me the opportunity to grow and to improve myself."


"Hi, I am Azadeh and I have been with Mahboba's Promise since late 2014. I am happy to put my office administration & bookkeeping skills into a good use. But later I found that what I can contribute in supporting Afghan children & women as well as the great people I see here are what really matters. I'm sure whoever get to know them better, will fall in love with this organisation and its mission."


"Hi, my name is Sukrita and I’m from India! I’ve studied planning and public policy on the local and international level. Working with Mahboba’s Promise has been a highly rewarding experience for me. It has showed me how much of a difference grassroots organisations can really make, and altered my view of what is possible on a global scale. More than ever, I believe that each of us is capable of initiating positive change in the face of adversity.

Each day at the office, I discover new inspiration, through the people as well as through the work. The organisation is full of people who find immense meaning and value in what they do; it makes for a stimulating environment. Every one of them has a quiet integrity that I find truly uplifting.

I’m grateful to have this opportunity to put my skills to use – I get so much more in return."