Action Towards Better Health

Support women and children in Afghanistan to lead healthy lives

With three decades of conflict, Afghanistan has one of the lowest life expectancy rates. Afghanistan’s health care system is one of the worst in the world. Basic health facilities are not accessible to many Afghans, and most women are not able to seek health care. As a result, people are vulnerable to diseases that could have been prevented or easily treated. 1 woman in 11 dies in pregnancy or childbirth in Afghanistan, while 1 in 10 children die before reaching the age of five.

The goal of Mahboba’s Promise is to improve health and assist in reducing deaths among mothers and children. We also impart knowledge to Afghans to help change their health behaviours.

Our health projects focus on these issues:

Medical Care

We aim to save the lives of women and children by providing access to quality health services and products.

Community Programs and Training

We train and educate communities about hygiene and health care to improve life expectancies and reduce the persistence of preventable diseases.


Badakhshan Health Clinic

The center aims to address the local medical needs of the surrounding villages. Construction of the clinic recently finished, and Mahboba’s Promise plans to support the center through funding of nurses’ salaries and purchasing of some medical supplies.


Mahboba’s Promise is committed to reducing the unnecessary loss of life during birth through maternity health care training courses. The training improves the overall health level of the community and reduces the prevalence of preventable diseases and deaths.