Access to Education

Due to years of war and instability, the Afghan government is unable to provide quality education and safe shelter for children. More than 10% of schools have closed due to insecurity, warfare and targeted destruction, while most schools are housed in tents, mosques and private homes. 3.3 million children (or 32% of the school-age population), the majority of whom are girls, remain out of school. 

Furthermore, Afghanistan has the highest level of gender disparity in education in the world, with only 21% of girls able to complete primary education. 

Our Focus

Early Childhood Development

Early education care assists both children and mothers. Children are able to develop the skills needed to transition into the formal schooling system, while mothers receive childcare options if they need to work.

Life Skills For Adolescents

As time moves on and children from our center grow older, we help young adults to develop life skills that will enable them to live independently.

Basic Education

We directly tackle the issue of accessibility to basic education by improving infrastructure and providing good quality education to children.

Safe Shelter

We provide safe shelter and improve the living standards of disadvantaged children.

Equal Opportunity

Because of the gender disparity in Afghanistan, we aim to provide equal opportunity to education for both boys and girls.

Access To Education

Projects Overview

Panjshir Valley Children and Youth Library

The recently launched Children and Youth Library in Panjshir Valley, Afghanistan, is a bold project by Mahboba’s Promise in rural Afghanistan in the field of education. Books, especially children’s books, convey wisdom, expand creativity, encourage compassion and acceptance and most importantly; empower. The Children’s and Youth Library is the first significant step in Afghanistan in replacing the culture of weapons and violence with a  culture of books, storytelling and learning. ⁣Quality education gives us the opportunity to combat the war on ignorance and injustice.⁣  

Kabul Hope House and Community Center

Our Kabul Hope House provides a safe shelter for vulnerable orphans, allowing them to focus on reaching their full potential. The center delivers support services, medical care, education and vocational training to children and youth in order to equip them with the skills needed to create a positive contribution to the reconstruction of Afghanistan.

Panjshir Valley Hope House and Community Center

Our Hope House in Panjshir Valley provides safe accommodation and learning opportunities to orphans in the local area, as well as educational and vocational classes to youth and women in the surrounding villages.

Hope House

On a trip to Badakhshan, Mr. Sidiq Rawi (CEO of Mahboba’s Promise Afghanistan) discovered 25 orphan children in an abandoned orphanage living in appalling conditions. Mahboba’s Promise took charge of the orphanage in June 2017, providing accommodation, education and wellbeing for these vulnerable orphaned boys and girls. The children now enjoy going to school and playing football together while thriving in a safe and secure environment.

Rescue and Education Center

Mahboba’s Promise is dedicated to improving the lives of these street kids by providing them with schooling, food, and a safe environment. The ‘rehabilitation of street children’ project aims to set up safe houses to help take children off the streets of Kabul and provide them with access to a safe and secure environment.



Kabul Early Learning Center

The Early Education Center in Hope House Kabul is for children aged 0-7 years old. The center takes a combination of fee and non-fee paying students to offset the costs of tuition for those families who cannot afford it.

Abdara Girls School

Abdara Girls School was the first girls’ school to operate in the area, opening in 2003 with 20 brave students attending. Since then, the school has grown and now educates 350 girls from grades 1 to 12. Graduates from Abdara Girls School have gone on to pursue further education at university, and the school recently produced the first young woman from the region to go on and study law.

Takhar Hope House and Community Center

Takhar Hope House has its roots in the Takhar earthquake of 1998 and the Jalozai refugee camp in Peshawar that followed. Like all of our Hope Houses, the children are provided secure accommodation, access to education and nutritious food.

Access To Education


Initiatives of Change

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world”

In 2017, two students, Parwana & Muzhgan from Samarqandi, a village of Baghlan Province, Afghanistan traveled to India for IOFC Asian plateau internship program. It was a five-month program focusing on developing personal & interpersonal skills, as well as educating students on societal issues. The program works with young adults who are energetic about change-making and acquire the desire to make a positive difference within themselves and the world around them.

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