300 Badakhshan Refugee Families Celebrate eid

Over five months ago, families from the Kuran and Munjan districts of Afghanistan were forced to escape their homes to flee Taliban brutality. Many were critically injured, with some losing their lives. Those that escaped are now living within a camp, in a remote region of Panjshir Province.

These 300 families are living in extremely poor conditions, sleeping in unfurnished tents, with no access to food or safe drinking water.  The children are receiving education that lacks quality, sitting on the ground with no access to tables, books or pens.

Through our crowdfunding campaign, these 300 refugee families were able to feast together this Eid after months of hunger.  Over 85 donors have given more than $35,000 to our emergency appeal. This has allowed us to take immediate action, providing the essentials to these suffering men, women and children.  

Thank you to all of our donors for your generosity and continuous support. You have provided these vulnerable families with the food, clothing and clean drinking water they desperately need.