Winter Appeal

Each year millions of Afghans are left to endure some of the harshest winter conditions imaginable. Through your donations, you have the power to provide hope and warmth to those suffering below the poverty line in Afghanistan. 

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There are many different ways you can help


Our Sponsorship Program is your opportunity to help transform the lives of women and children in Afghanistan. As a Sponsor, you will be supporting sustainable change that helps break the cycle of poverty.


While there are many widows and orphans who are still destitute in Afghanistan, the focus of our work has changed to address development projects that will be of long-term benefit. Our projects are geared toward sustainability, and many that we’ve instigated are now running independently or with the help of Government. 

General Donations are flexible funds that we invest into individuals, families or projects most in need. You can give a one-off donation or easily set up a monthly donation of an amount you wish.


There are many ways you can help us in our work that don’t include donating. You may be interested in volunteering with us, holding a fundraising event or donating your day.

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