Mahboba’s Promise

Workplace Giving

Workplace giving, or pre-tax payroll giving, is an amazing and effective way to donate over the course of the financial year. We have many donors who have chosen to leverage their donations to Mahboba’s Promise via their Employer’s Workplace Giving program.

Providing employees with a platform to make a difference enhances business performance, fosters teamwork, improves culture and brings your company’s values to life – All the while you are making a positive difference in the lives of so many Afghan people in need.


If you are an Employer and are interested in starting a Workplace Giving Program, visit The Australian Charities Fund at to find detailed information and resources. Once you have set up your Giving Program, get into contact with us and we will promptly begin our exciting new partnership with your business.


Ask your employer if they have a Workplace Giving Program. If they do, then let them know you would like to donate to Mahboba’s Promise. Send us any necessary paperwork required to register with your company at Once we set this up, you are helping make a life-changing difference in the lives of so many people in need while you about your daily work.

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