It’s winter in Afghanistan.
The mountains that embody the nation are capped in pure-white snow, and the sky is hazy with the smoke from fires warming homes.

Except each and every year, millions of Afghan’s are faced with the ultimatum to either go hungry or endure the freezing conditions without sufficient resources. In fact, with one-third of the population living below the poverty line, many are left to brace the freezing cold with scarce food supplies.

You have the power to give warmth to those praying to survive the long winter months.


Winter Warmth

Give a Family in need blankets, clothing, and two bags of charcoal.

Heat Pack

Supply a family with two bags of charcoal.

Gifts That Give

The gift that keeps on giving! Choose from a variety of gift options today!

Peace Cards

These beautiful cards drawn by the children of our Hope Houses can be sent to your loved ones.

Rebuild Pushgoor Village

In July 2018, the village of Pushgoor in Panjshir Valley was left victim to a fatal flood. More than 200 households lost their homes and livelihoods, and while most of these families have taken refuge in the crowded homes of relatives, over 90 families are living in tents. Lacking the cozy and warm refuge of their ancestral homes, in just three months they could freeze to death.


"Shazia and her four children live in an old house in Kabul. In winter, the conditions are unbearably cold."

Shazia and her four children live in Qasaba, Kabul. The family is living in an old house, which gets extremely cold during the winter months. The house does not have a bathroom so the family are forced to shower during the night at the corner of the house.

"I'm relying on receiving warm clothes and coal to get my family through the winter."

Shazia works long hours as a cleaner at a private school. However, her landlord recently increased the rent of her house. Already struggling to pay for groceries, Shazia is relying on receiving warm clothes and coal to get her family through the winter. 

"I dream to become a female doctor in the future so I can support my people.”

While Shazia is at work, her daughter Arezu and her son Ali Reza stay at home to ensure their younger siblings are taken care of. Arezu is in grade 6 at school and attends one of the English courses near their house. Arezu loves learning and dreams to become a doctor when she is older. 

“I want to become a good construction engineer and make many buildings for the poor!”

Ali Reza is also attending local English and Maths courses. When asked what he wants to be in the future, he answered “I want to be a good construction engineer and make many buildings for the poor! I changed my idea of being a police man because when we do not have a house to live in, how it is possible to be a police man?”

You can give children like Arezu and Ali Reza the opportunity to follow their dreams.

Keep Families like Shazia's warm this winter.

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