Saighan Water Well Appeal

Help Mahboba’s Promise build 10 wells for the people of Saighan!

The Province of Bamyan is located in central Afghanistan, near to Kabul, and is currently facing one of the harshest droughts the country has ever seen. The district of Saighan is facing particular hardship as a result of the drought, which has created extremely hard living conditions for the people of the town. According to the Governor of Bamyan’s spokesman, Abdul Rahman Ahmadi, 3830 families out of 6000 are living without water. A survey conducted by the National Committee for Combating reported that the water level has dropped by more than half in comparison to last year. With more than 90% of the people in Saighan are farmers and/or manage livestock, and rely heavily on water for irrigation. If the water shortages continue to deteriorate, the economic situation of the province will suffer the consequences.


The current drought is proving to have widespread impacts on the Province of Bamyan and without external support and funding, these conditions will continue to worsen. The proposed solution is to provide the residents of Saighan with clean drinking water and irrigation through the installation of water wells. These wells will initially be focussed in Saighan, providing residents with water to support their livelihoods and prevent them from leaving their homes.

Saighan District Drought

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Saighan Water Well Appeal

Each well is expected to cost $10,000. This includes hiring equipment, materials, digging labour costs and transportation. Help Mahboba’s Promise build 10 wells for the people of Saighan!
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