Qurban Appeal 2022

Qurban is a significant time of the year that allows us to improve the nutritional intake of children in need, providing families with nutritious meat who have been unable to afford it for several months or years.


Sheep qurban
$ 200

As per the rules for Qurban
livestock shares, one sheep
or goat is equivalent to one
Qurban. Mahboba’s Promise will
sacrifice a high-quality sheep on
your behalf and distribute the
meat to families , widows and
orphans most in need.

cow qurban
$ 800

Sacrificing a cow will produce a
greater yield, meaning high-quality meat will be distributed to a greater number of people in need. One cow is equivalent to seven Qurban; perfect for family members to combine!

Qurban Impact 2021

As a committed humanitarian Aid Organization, Mahboba’s Promise conducts Qurban Appeal programs at different provinces every year in order to feed the widows and orphans families since its establishment.

As the war continues in Afghanistan and the Covid Pandemic is still one of the big challenges over the country, Mahboba’s Promise is supporting poor communities to save their lives through meat & food distribution.

Last year, we were able to provide Qurban to over four thousand impoverished families and orphans across 5 different regions of Afghanistan – Kabul, Panjshir, Badakhshan, Parwan, Herat. Your generous support in 2021 allowed us to surpass our goal. 

Help us reach more people in need in 2021 to reach our goal by donating your Qurban today.

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Why Is Donating Qurban Important?

Meals For Families

Provides families with nutritious meat who have been unable to afford it for several months or years.

Nutrition For Children

A child who does not receive the nutrition he or she needs is at risk of stunted cognitive, as well as physical, development.

Most In Need

Donating your Qurban will ensure fresh meat is being provided to families and individuals most in need in Afghanistan, including Widows and Orphans.

Duty To Allah

Qurban is a duty to Allah (SWT). It is the legacy of the Prophet Ibrahim and is a yearly program that takes place when Muslims around the world commemorate the Hajj and Eid Al-Adha.

Our new goals for 2022 Qurban

We exceeded our goal in 2021 and were able to provide families with nutritious meat who had been unable to afford it for several months or years. This year we have a bigger goal that we can only reach with your continued support. Let's make this Qurban even better than last year and help every family, widow, child and orphan as we can.


Donate Your Qurban

If you are donating more than one sheep/cow, please enter the full amount in the box below. i.e. 2 sheep = $400

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Offline Donations

Via Direct Deposit:

Mahboba’s Promise Inc
Bank: Commonwealth Bank
BSB: 062 320 Account Number: 1017 6256
SWIFT Code: CTBAAU2S (for overseas donors)

Use the reference “Qurban” and your name.

Via Phone:

Call our office on +61 2 9887 1665 between the hours of 10 AM -3 PM Monday to Friday.

Via Mail:

Send a cheque, money order or cash to:

Mahboba’s Promise
PO Box 6234
North Ryde NSW 2113

Eid-ul-Adha Background

Eid-ul – Adha is the greatest Islamic Festival in Afghanistan and other Islamic countries, the festival remembers the willingness of Prophet Ibrahim to sacrifice his son Ismael as an act of obedience to Allah’s command. Before he could sacrifice his son, however, Allah (SWT) provided a lamb to sacrifice instead. Eid-ul-Adha is a four-day holiday in Muslim countries, and during the festival Muslims who can afford to, sacrifice domestic animals like a cow, sheep, and goat as a symbol of Ibrahim’s sacrifice, then the “Qurbani meat” is distributed among family, friends and the poor.

Mahboba’s Promise has been sacrificing Sheep, Cow & Goat on behalf of our Muslim brothers and sisters in Afghanistan for many years, and distributing to the poor, widows, orphans, and destitute families.

This 2021 Eid was a great success for Mahboba’s Promise, we have reached the poorest and Vulnerable communities in Kabul, Herat, Badakhshan & Panjshir Provinces. The families who benefited from Qurban.

Meat Pack, a number of these families can only have meat once a year only in Qurban Festival. We are very grateful that our long-term Muslim brothers and sisters, donated their Qurban through Mahboba’s Promise and assure them that their Qurban went to the right hands.

The morning of the first day follows with a special prayer, the Eid prayer when Muslims pray for Allah’s blessing; this day also marks the end of the Hajj, the annual pilgrimage to Mecca.

In Afghanistan, people visit family members, and relatives and treat their guests with different kinds of food, and fruits and organize family picnics, families, relatives, and friends who broke up, reunite, forget and forgive past differences as a virtue of Eid commanded by Almighty Allah.

1st day of Eid-ul- Adha Program 2021

Kabul Hope House

In the first day of Eid 20 cows sacrificed in Kabul Hope House and the meat distributed among the Widows, Orphans and the Poor families of the community.

The program started after performing the Eid prayer and making Dua for the sponsors and the peace over the country at 8:30 Am. A team of butchers performed the process of Qurbani and packing the meat with help of the MPA staff.

Widows, orphans and the poor families rained and collected behind the door of the Kabul Hope House have been waiting to receive meat packs impatiently, the distribution process started at 2:00 Pm and ended at 4:00pm. 200 meat packs distributed among the poor they happily left while thanking and making Dua for the sponsors, Shahla and her family was one of the families who came to Hope House to receive Qurban Meat, she was happy and said” every year we come to Hope House for meat, here we can get more meat, my mother cook some of it for us during the Eid days and dry the rest for our winter use. Thank you for sacrificing and giving meat to the Poor! “said Shala.

Although three rockets landed near presidential palace during performing the Eid prayer and shocked Kabul Residents, fortunately no one lost his/her life and injured and it doesn’t affect our program supporting the widows, orphans and the poor. We hope Taliban stop the war and killing innocent people, we have the right to live in peace and happily.

Barikab IDPs

15 IDPs from Keran & Munjan District of Badakhshan Province received Qurban meat packs in the first day of Eid. Mr. Sangi Mohammad the representative of the IDP Families thanks and make Dua for the sponsors and Mahboba’s Promise team for distribution of Qurban Meat to their families.

Herat Province

In coordination with the Women Education for Better Tomorrow Organization (WEBTO) Mahbobas Promise distributed meat and food packs to the poor Internal displaced communities of Herat Province. Most of the families were IDPs who fled from their places because of the war and lost their breadwinners. The war is still going on between the Taliban and Afghan security forces, Taliban took the control of most of the cities in Heart, many Residents fled to the Herat city to be safe and alive.

2nd Day of Eid 2021

Abdara Village

In accordance with Mr. Syed Sharif the Chairman of the local council of Abdara village 100 families was identified and Meat Packs distributed to them. Mr. Sayed Sharif appreciated the support of Mahboba’s Promise and

the sponsors and said “Abdara village is one of the remote villages and most of the families are living in a bad life condition, we appreciated those who not forget us.”

Jangalak village

With the cooperation of Dr. Massoud Malikzada, one of the members of community social council of the village, 200 families identified as well as the IDPs from Laghman and Nuristan Provinces and Qurban Meat distributed among them. The IDPs fled to Panjshir Province recently as the Taliban occupied their places and nothing left for them.

Parandeh Village

Due to the survey of Mahboba’s Promise Team in Panjshir 100 families were Identified and 40 sheep were sacrificed by the butcher team, Packed, and distributed among the families. Mr. Fahim Karimi one of the residents of the village thanked Mahboba’s Promise for distributing the meat to the poor families of Parandeh for the first time and hope MPA continue its humanitarian aid all over Afghanistan.

Panjshir and Badakhshan Orphanages

Orphans celebrated Eid with new clothing, delicious food and fruits as well as Eid bones (Eidi). 26 sheep sacrificed in Panjshir Orphanage and 20 sheep sacrificed in Badakhshan Orphanage to feed the orphans. The meat will be cooked according to food weekly schedule.  

As one of the staff of Mahboba’s Promise I feel blessed and thankful for working in one of the humanitarian organizations in Afghanistan supporting widows, Orphans and the poor. Feeling of supporting is an unknown internal happy feeling which I can’t write it for our sponsors. I just thanked them all for what they are doing for the people of Afghanistan.