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Help disadvantaged youth and women establish more sustainable livelihoods

Decades of war and civil unrest have forced many vulnerable youth and women into a lifestyle of scavenging the war-torn streets of Afghanistan. The unemployment rate has increased to 40%, and more than half of the population is living below the poverty line. Because of environmental degradation and insurgent activity, about one-third of the country’s population do not get enough nutritious food and are not accessing food sustainably. Moreover, Afghan women still experience rampant discrimination and human rights abuses. They only earn 25 cents or less for every dollar men earn, and 87% of them experience domestic violence.

Mahboba’s Promise is committed to training young adults and women with the necessary skills and practices to create income-generating opportunities and achieve self-sufficiency. We also focus on improving the wellbeing and nutrition of local communities by educating them on how to grow crops and care for livestock in a sustainable way. Furthermore, we strengthen women by enabling them to contribute positively to local communities and gain self-reliance. With food and income security, vulnerable youth and women can have a sustainable future.

Our livelihood projects focus on these areas:

  • Vocational Training

We strongly believe that education can open doors. We conduct a range of training courses for older youth and women, which eventually provide an opportunity for them to start their own business or be employed.

  • Food Security

We enable local communities to acquire their nutritional needs all year round by educating them about sustainable food sources.

  • Women Empowerment

Mahboba’s Promise works with Afghan women and empowers them by providing courses to gain new skills and support their families.

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Plumbing in Afghanistan is a skill that is highly sought after by young men. We continuously provide a plumbing course for the youth in Hope House Kabul, which enables them to develop self-sustainable livelihoods.

Plumbing Training


The Dunya Confectionery and Pastry factory in Kabul provides an opportunity for disadvantaged women and youth to work in the production of sweets making. Whether it is in the confectionery making, business management or marketing, participants gain a livelihood and skills they can take with them.


Mahboba’s Promise operates a permaculture farm on the outskirts of Kabul. It provides training opportunities to widows in agriculture and animal husbandry and produces fresh, organic crops for our beneficiaries in Kabul with the excess sold at local markets.

Permaculture Farm
Parwan Garden


Parwan is the newest province in which Mahboba’s Promise operates. The work in the area centers around a community garden created for local women as a space to talk and share experiences with one another. The garden also grows fresh produce for local families year round thanks to the installation of a greenhouse at the site.


The Women’s Dairy Cooperative Project is a grass roots developmental project aiming to address local community needs by training underprivileged Afghan women in a variety of skills, enabling them to make a positive contribution to the local community and achieve self-sufficiency.

Women's Dairy Cooperative Project
Tailoring and Handicraft Courses


First started in 2007, this program sought to provide widows who are interested in tailoring with the skills needed to earn an income. Later in 2010, handicrafts were also incorporated into the project.