Love Marriage in Kabul : A Memoir (Book)


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Love Marriage in Kabul : A Memoir

In 2006, Sanaz Fotouhi, a young woman in her twenties, travels to Afghanistan with filmmaker Amin Palangi to make a film. Seven years and four trips later their documentary Love Marriage in Kabul, which features the extraordinary work of Mahboba Rawi of Mahboba’s Promise, wins awards and the hearts of audiences in Australia and around the world.

Love Marriage in Kabul: A Memoir is the behind-the-scenes account of the hardships and heartaches, tears and joys of the seemingly impossible project of making a film in Afghanistan. It is the story of a young woman’s determination to confront her fears to provide an insight into the hidden world of Afghanistan’s widows and orphans. It is also an insight into the world of Mahboba’s Promise. With rare compassion and lucidity, Sanaz Fotouhi chronicles her inner struggles and external events and leads us to interrogate our own notion of humanity.

Winner of the Peter Blazey Fellowship in 2019, the book makes a great read and gift for Christmas. Complement this with the gift of Love Marriage in Kabul the film.

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