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If Nawroz is a time for celebration and gift giving, how about the orphans?

Nawroz, the Afghan New Year, is a time for celebration. Literally meaning ‘New Day’, the new year brings together families and friends as they share gifts, food and happy memories. As it coincides with the start of the new school year in Afghanistan, it is also a time when fathers gift their children items for the upcoming school year.

But in a country with over 2 million orphans, there will be many children who will not experience the celebration and joy that goes with Nawroz. Mahboba’s Promise wants to change this.

Give some joy to orphans this Nawroz.


Osman and Nadir's Story

Osman and Nadir are brothers from Panjshir province who came to Mahboba’s Promise three years ago. The boys don’t like to talk much about the day their father died. After he passed away from cancer, the most important thing in their lives was their mother. Yet she was forced by her family to remarry, leaving the boys lost and without parents.

Since coming to Mahboba’s Promise Hope House, the brothers are brighter and happier. Yet the losses they have endured so young are still reflected in their eyes.

As we approach Nowruz, Mahboba’s Promise wants to provide a little joy and hope for the coming new year to children like Osman and Nadir.

Will you help us to do so either as a selection of gifts from the cart or as a general donation below?



$ 50.00
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For Gifts that Give items, you receive an attractive, colourful card, drawn by an Afghan child, that you can keep for yourself or pass onto someone else.


General donations will go to support the regular Mahboba's Promise projects over the new year period.