Late last week, Panjshir Valley was victim to one of the worst floods the Province has ever seen. High up in the peaks of the mountains, the natural pool known as ‘Kenj’ broke its banks due to an increase in melting ice. A domino effect took place, with villages higher up in the valley yelling ‘FLOOD’ and firing their guns as a warning. The people of Pushgoor Village live right next to the river at the base of the valley and take the biggest hit from the flood waters. The villagers frantically wake everyone up and evacuate their homes, treading knee deep through flood water. The flood continued on its destructive path, blasting massive boulders against the homes of villagers. Most of these homes are made of mud, and stood no chance against the ferocity of the flood. The natural wells and springs have been buried, the 5 electricity stations completely destroyed, and the road that snaked 10 kilometres up the valley is now blanketed by mud and rocks.

The people are solemn, but not broken. After all, the people of Afghanistan as a whole are no stranger to suffering, destruction and death. It is the most resilient corner in the world. The people of Pushgoor barely escaped with their lives, but instead lost their livelihoods. Pushgoor Village will rebuild, though on a much smaller scale than before. They need help.

Mahboba’s Promise is committed to helping them, and we urge you to support us.

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Before The Flood

Wheat fields in Salang, Parwan province.

After The Flood

After the flood


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