Mahboba’s Promise

Confectionery For Change

After the success of our Confectionery Factory and Shop in Afghanistan’s Capital, Kabul, Mahboba’s Promise has dreams of expanding. Our Confectionery Factory has become 100% self-sufficient! The profit made from this social enterprise is invested back into the new shop AND more importantly, assists with the operating costs of our Kabul Hope House.

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Confectionery So Far

There are currently 18 staff members working within the confectionery factory and shop in Kabul, including trainees, an admin worker, salesmen, marketer and shopkeepers. 

Originally, the confectionery factory and shop was established as a social enterprise to provide skills training, with all income invested back into the operation of the factory and training costs. Now, a few years after the start-up, the income from the small business has been increasing. This is not only a good indicator of improvement and sustainability, but has allowed the project to become 100% self-sufficient. 

The project has trained most of the Half-way House boys to become confectioners, with the overall goal to transition the boys from trainees to skilled and independent workers. Over the years, several widows have also been trained in confectionery, allowing them to generate an income for their families. 

Additionally, the surplus made from the social enterprise is funding part of Kabul Hope House. The Hope House acts as a home for orphan children, an education center for the community and an outreach hub for Widows. For orphan children, this House is everything they have and it is providing them with a much brighter future. For Widows, many are receiving vocational training that allow them to generate an income to support their children; something that is difficult due to the stigma of widowhood. 

The Dream

Currently, the Confectionery Factory in Kabul trains young orphans in sweet making and business administration to ensure they have a smooth transition into adulthood. Our dream is to build a second Confectionery Shop in Panjshir Valley, just over 100 kms north-east of Kabul, which one day will support the running costs of our Hope House in Panjshir Province.

Why We Need Your Help

In a country of over 2 million orphans, half a million widows and only 30% adult literacy rate, self-sufficient and sustainable projects like this one are critical. Your contribution to this small social enterprise plays an important part in a much bigger picture.

We love contributions big and small, including sharing our dream with your friends, family and colleagues.

BONUS: All donations over $2 are tax deductible!

Help us build our second confectionery shop in Panjshir Valley so that we can provide a better future for Afghanistan.