Brick In The Wall

Children in Afghanistan suffer from chronic malnutrition and widespread occurrence of micro-nutrient deficiency. In fact, 1 in 10 children die before reaching the age of 5 years. Those orphans who survive the early years are then forced by circumstance to work from the age of 6 or 7 in order to provide for themselves and their siblings. These children miss out on their education and on their childhoods. Lack of a normal childhood and no education feeds into a vicious cycle of underdevelopment and poverty. There are a total of 2 million orphans in Afghanistan, most of which are in Badakhshan Province. Badakhshan is located in the farthest North-Eastern part of Afghanistan
Mahboba’s Promise works towards making lives of these orphans and young kids a better place so they do not have to beg on streets or work at a young age. We aim to build orphanages where the children are provided with basic necessities like healthy food, proper education and a safe place to call it a home.
These children need your help so they can live a life an innocent child deserves.
Please donate brick to help us build a safe Orphanage for Badakhshan children. The total cost to build the orphanage is $130,200.


The story of Usman and Mahfooza

This is such a heart breaking story of two little siblings, Usman, a two-year-old boy and Mahfooza, a three-year-old girl. These two children, like many others in Afghanistan, are also victims of war. Afghanistan war abuse has cast a long shadow over these two little kid’s childhood. Mahfooza and Usman were living in Badakhshan province. Their father used to work for Afghan Government and he was murdered by the Taliban.

Now little Usman and Mahfooza with their helpless, uneducated mother remain alone without any financial support. Their mother is not able to provide basic needs to her children so she decided to admit them to an orphanage. Usman and Mahfooza need a safe home and a proper childhood.