Mahboba’s Promise

School's Promise

At Mahboba’s Promise, we strongly believe that education is the key to fighting poverty. Not only do we strive to educate the people of Afghanistan, but we are determined to provide the Australian community with a profound understanding of Afghan history, culture, and the global mission of women’s empowerment.

These are our four key program principles:

To make a difference in the lives of others
To be Global Citizens
To demonstrate leadership
To show empathy and compassion

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First Girls School

In 2003, Mahboba’s Promise opened the first school for girls in Abdara Village. Prior to this, no girl was receiving an education.


In 2018 alone, over 350 girls were enrolled at Abdara Girls School. Thousands have attended since the school opened in 2003.

Tertiary Education
1 %

Each year, around 30% of graduate students go on to receive tertiary education and training.


Abdara Girls School

In Afghanistan, girls’ education is highly undervalued due to the pervasive gender inequality that is prevalent in Afghan society. Abdara Girls School is the very first girls’ school to operate in the Abdara village, Anabad District of the Panjshir province, and currently holds classes for 350 girls studying from grade 1 to 11.

Sponsored by a “sister school” in Australia, Asquith Girls High School provides funds for teacher’s salaries as well as stationary and uniforms for the students. The sister school in Australia has a very strong and close bond with the Panjshir Valley school, promoting cross cultural awareness, acceptance and multiculturalism.

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