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A Message from Mahboba

My three month trip to Afghanistan this year opened my eyes about long term effects of poverty. It is heartbreaking to watch people dying because they cannot afford to warm themselves. It is shocking to meet families selling off their babies so that they can feed themselves.

Afghanistan is no longer in the spotlight, and helping the poor is more important than ever.

Australians are so lucky! I ask you to appreciate what you have and share it with the less fortunate. Please make a generous tax deductible contribution this year.

With God’s Blessings, Mahboba Rawi, OAM

Facts about Afghanistan

  • 9.3 Million Afghans are in need of humanitarian assistance-30% of the population.
  • Everyday, 1500 people are forced to leave their homes to escape violence.
  • 45% of the population lacks access to clean water.
  • In 2016 the highest number of civilian casualties were recorded: 8,397 -one in 3 victims was a child.
  • There are 2 million Orphans in Afghanistan.
  • 1.3 million children under five years old are affected by malnutrition.
  • Only 28% of Afghans above 15 years old can read and write.
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Hope For The Future

Neek's family used to live in a very old and unstable house in Afghanistan. Unfortunately, a few years ago, at night, one of the house walls fell down and killed his father, while his mother was seriously injured. Afterwards, Neek joined Takhar Hope House, where he now receives education and good care. Your help will allow him to have hope for the future.

I Want To Be Educated

Tina is a very clever girl; she loves going to school and recently she passed her exams successfully. Once she said “I want to be an educated person like my teachers in the future, and do not want to be like my illiterate mother and father. Education will cause people to live freely and without war.“ This End of Financial Year, help Tina fulfill her dreams.

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EOFY 2016-2017

$ 150.00
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Donation Total: $150.00


For Gifts that Give items, you receive an attractive, colourful card, drawn by an Afghan child, that you can keep for yourself or pass onto someone else.


General donations will go to support the regular Mahboba's Promise projects over the new year period.