Current Appeals

Every year, millions of Afghan’s are faced with the ultimatum to either go hungry or endure the freezing conditions without sufficient resources. You have the power to give warmth to those praying to survive the long winter months. 

Panjshir Vallay Emergency Flood Appeal

Late last week, Panjshir Valley was victim to one of the worst floods the Province has ever seen. High up in the peaks of the mountains, the natural pool known as ‘Kenj’ broke its banks due to an increase in melting ice.

Widows Rice Gift

Widows, being one of the most vulnerable groups in Afghanistan, struggle to raise the money necessary to provide their families with the nutritious food they require. Donate a bag of rice to improve the standard of living for a widow and her family.

Saighan Water Well Appeal

The Province of Bamyan is located in central Afghanistan, near to Kabul, and is currently facing one of the harshest droughts the country has ever seen. The district of Saighan is facing particular hardship as a result of the drought, which has created extremely hard living conditions for the people of the town.

Badakhshan Orphanage

Mahboba’s brother, Sidiq Rawi in his recent trip to Afghanistan was shocked to discover 25 orphan children, living in an abandoned orphanage. He found them in a miserable condition, distressed, abused and hungry. Mahboba decided to take this children under her wings. Help us help them!

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