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Harsh Weather is on Afghanistan’s Doorstep

Kobra, an Afghan widow, went into last winter not knowing how she would provide for her six children. Her eight-year-old son, Najib, sought to ease the burden of responsibility on his mother, and began polishing shoes after school to support his family.

Toiling on the deathly cold streets of Kabul is no life for a child, and it wasn’t long before Najib caught a cold. With no money for medication, and a family house that offered no protection from the cold, Najib’s illness progressively worsened until he could no longer fight it.

Kobra blames herself for the death of her son, saying “I could not afford wood or coal to warm up my children. He died in front of my eyes.” Kobra’s story is, unfortunately, all too common during Afghanistan’s winters.

With decades of conflict destroying infrastructure and causing widespread poverty, Afghanistan’s poor are particularly vulnerable to harsh weather conditions. As cold waves of up to -25°C sweep the nation’s north, the winter months bring with them a raft of contrasts. Crisp, white snow blankets usually busy cities, while mountains stand tall, peaks capped with fresh snowfall. For the citizens of Afghanistan, however, these months bring a new threat to survival.

As harsh winter falls, rural areas have their access to essential infrastructure cut off by heavy snowfall and landslides. Poverty-stricken Afghans find themselves unable to afford appropriate cold weather gear like blankets and thick clothing, and also without the means to acquire winter survival essentials like coal for fires to warm their families.

Those that have permanent homes most often have no heating outside of fires, while the security situation in the nation has left countless Afghans without a home and subject entirely to the extreme conditions.

This winter you can save Afghans from needlessly dying from exposure to the cold, and save families like Kobra’s from grief. As we have done for 8 years, this year Mahboba’s Promise will provide impoverished Afghan families with the necessary materials to ensure they survive the winter.

For $100, a family will be provided with a package of blankets and clothing. For $50, a family will be provided with 2 bags of charcoal – enough to fuel their fires for the winter season.

Winter 2017

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General donations will go to support the regular Mahboba's Promise projects.


For Gifts that Give items, you receive an attractive, colourful card, drawn by an Afghan child, that you can keep for yourself or pass onto someone else.