Afghanistan's Reclamation of Independence 100th Anniversary

August 19th 2019 marked the 100th anniversary of Afghanistan’s Reclamation of Independence. This anniversary was celebrated in Sydney at the Parliament of NSW. This celebration took place alongside the 50th anniversary of Afghan-Australian diplomatic relations.

Numerous leaders and members of the Afghan community and Australian state officials attended this monumental event. NSW Parliament House acknowledged the significance of this anniversary by raising the Afghan flag. The event began with guests recognising the victims of the terrorist attack that tragically took place in Kabul on the 17th of August.

Both the 100th anniversary of Independence and the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations brings to light the ongoing efforts of Australia in promoting peace and security in Afghanistan.

Mahboba Rawi attended and was acknowledged for her ongoing work in both Australia and Afghanistan. Mahboba also met with Governor General David Hurley and his wife Linda Hurley and the Minister for Defence Linda Reynolds.

Mahboba Rawi with Governor General David Hurley, the Minister of Defence Linda Reynolds, and Afghan Ambassador to Australia Wahidullah Waissi and his wife.
The Minister for Defence, Linda Reynolds, addressing the guests of the 100th anniversary celebration.